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Team KaPPA-View e-mail: kappa-view at kazusa.or.jp (replace at to @)
Administrator and developing team of KaPPA-View in Kazusa DNA Research Institute. Please send your all inquiries to this e-mail address.


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Maps 693
  KEGG Metabolism 150
  KEGG Other 178
  Gene Category Maps 365
Compounds 36993
  KEGG Compound 16311
  KEGG Glycan 10979
  KEGG Drug 9703
Reactions 25617
  KEGG Reaction 8840
  Others 16777
Geneson map / total
  Jatropha curcas 8058 / 40929
  A. thaliana 4783 / 27462
  O. sativa 3634 / 28524
  P. trichocarpa 5093 / 40529
  R. communis 3444 / 31281