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About KaPPA-View4 KEGG


KaPPA-View4 KEGG is one of the KaPPA-View4 version that has the pathway map data from the Kyoto Encylcopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG), and includes species infromation of animals, plants and microorganisms. Gene family maps generated from the "Genes and Proteins"classification of KEGG BRITE are also available.

Important Notice:
The system contains the data downloaded from KEGG FTP. Academic users may download the KEGG data as provided at the KEGG ftp site at ftp://ftp.genome.jp/pub/kegg/. Non-academic users and Academic users intending to use KEGG for commercial purposes are requested to obtain a license agreement through KEGG's exclusive licensing agent, Pathway Solutions, for installation of KEGG at their sites, for distribution or reselling of KEGG data, for software development or any other commercial activities that make use of KEGG, or as end users of any third-party application that requires downloading of KEGG data or access to KEGG data via the KEGG API.




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Administrator and developing team of KaPPA-View in Kazusa DNA Research Institute. Please send your all inquiries to this e-mail address.



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June 19, 2013
KaPPA-View service is resumed as a temporal web site.
Species 15
  Metabolic Maps 436
  Gene Family Maps 288
  KEGG Compound 16957
  KEGG Glycan 10980
  KEGG Drug 9814
  KEGG Reaction 9229
  Others 17715
Genes on map
  H. sapiens 8706
  M. musculus 9499
  R. norvegicus 9628
  C. elegans 2584
  D. melanogaster 3462
  A. thaliana 5746
  O. sativa 4711
  P. trichocarpa 6176
  R. communis 4160
  S. bicolor 4561
  V. vinifera 4733
  Z. mays 4382
  P. patens subsp. patens 4350
  E. coli K-12 MG1655 2159
  S. cerevisiae 2548
Correlation Data  
  Genes 15
  Metabolites 0